White Day in Japan

Today is white day in Japan. This is the day Japanese boys and men give chocolate to girls or women they like. This is also the day they must give candy back to the people they received gifts from on Valentine’s Day in Japan.

On Valentine’s Day I got a lot of chocolate from my students. Not so much because they love me but because it’s the day they should give someone candy and I happened to pop up in their mind-maybe.

I met a student at star bucks for our weekly chat in English (no teaching, just talking) and she was carrying a giant bag full of gifts she received from her coworkers. I made the bag even bigger after giving a return gift for the one she gave me on Valentine’s Day.

I have over 100 Japanese students of my own that I meet once a week and around this time of year I have to buy a lot of candy, put name tags on each gift and take a big sack filled with the gifts to work everyday. I always forget someone and it’s embarrassing. I’d rather not get any candy on Valentine’s Day.

Eight years ago I was blown away, getting candy from students but the novelty has worn off. I wish people all over the world would only give others gifts from their heart and not feel they must because of some unwritten social rule.

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