Valentine’s Day in Japan

What you see are the gifts I received from my Japanese girl students today. My students are ages six and five.

In Japan, it’s a Valentine’s day custom to give chocolate to boys or men you like.

Also some Japanese ladies give chocolate to their boss at the office out of obligation because this is the day “all” girls should be giving chocolate. Today is the big day and the stores are full of ladies only, buying up all the chocolate.

Next month has a day called “white day” in Japan. This is the day boys and men buy chocolate for the girls or women they like or to return the gift they received on Valentine’s day from whoever.

Some of my female students in the past, expressed bitterness when talking about “The Chocolate obligation gift to their boss.” There is social pressure too on this day. If you’re a lady, other ladies will ask you “who did you buy Chocolate for?” Leaving you feeling like you have to buy for someone even though you don’t want to, but do just so you don’t have to lie when asked this question.

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