The Japanese Glass Box

If you have a new born baby girl in Japan, you may get a gift like the one you see in this pic. (It’s like a good luck charm to find a good husband someday.)

This glass box with Japanese dolls (Newly married husband and wife) inside should be displayed in your house on girls day which is March 3rd.

It’s big! Can you imagine your mother-in-law bringing this box to your house after your daughter is born?

This one costs 400 dollars but this is cheap. I’ve seen others selling for 5,000 dollars in Japan.

In my house we have 5 of these glass boxes and I have to take them out from the closet, clean them and set them around the house once a year. Not into this at all.

My daughter is eight years old and don’t really care to think about her finding a “GOOD HUSBAND” someday.

In Japan if you do not get married by the age of 24, you’re called a Christmas cake which means after the 24th (Christmas day in Japan) no one wants to eat Christmas cake. Of course this is old fashion thinking but it’s still a believe deeply rooted in the Japanese culture.

Young people do not want these glass boxes as gifts and don’t buy them on their own. Because of the space problem in Japan and… It seems the young ladies in Japan like to work, make money, and travel. Getting married means, cooking, cleaning, making babies and saying goodbye to their identity which is a little too much to ask of the younger generation.

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