Sumo Students in Tokyo

Sumo students and me on a Tokyo train.

I’m not a small guy but next two these Japanese guys, I’m small!
The two Japanese guys are soon to be full on Sumo but for now they’re still in training and I just had to ask for a pic.

You will not see these guys around much or others dressed in Yukata unless it’s summer fireworks time. If you want to know all about Sumo see this link

By the way, these two guys were really nice to me as most of the Japanese people I’ve met over the years. They asked me if I was an English teacher living and working in Japan? Aslo some other small talk which I thought was cool because so many Japanese people I meet are very shy and have questions but can’t seem to get them out.

Want to see something from Japan? Ask in a comment and I’ll go out and get the pic for ya!
Happy New Year!