One More Japanese Glass Box

Hello from Japan.

So may people wrote about my last post “The Japanese Glass Box” I decided to add another pic and try to answer some of the questions here.

Q. What happens to the Japanese glass box with dolls in it?

A. It’s passed down. My wife’s mom has (ohinasama) passed down from her grandmother.

Side note: I thought the high end Japanese glass boxes were around 5 thousand dollars but after talking to my Japanese father-in-law, he said 10 to 50 thousand dollar boxes are around.

Q. Where are they displayed?

A. Not sure if there is a special place in the house but for my home, we put them in the (genkan) means in the front doorway space. We Have a shoe box and the Japanese glass boxes are placed on top.

Side note: If you are a man, you can give one of these boxes to a girl friend as a girls day gift but no one does this.

Thank you for your comments. What else are you interested in? I’ll try to get the pic and write a little. Someone wrote asking about high school girl panty vending machines? Yes. There were such vending machines 20 years ago. ( I asked my wife)

More information on Japan Here.

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