Not Just any Old Japanese Box

I was visiting my wife’s grandmother’s house yesterday and had to take a pic of this old box.

Grandma told me it’s over 200 years old, was used as a lunch box but she is not 100″ sure because there is a lock on the side. This may of meant something very important was stored inside such as medicine.

My wife’s Japanese family has a history of many people being doctors so this very old Japanese box could’ve been a medicine box. It’s in great shape!

The below pick is the box opened up.

My wife’s family has real Japanese Samurai swords too.

I tried to talk Grandma into letting me take some pics with my new camera but she wasn’t having it. I did take some pics a few years ago. I’ll try to dig them up for you if you really want to see them. These swords are over 500 years old.

Not everyone had or have swords in Japan. Only “important people and now, not many have them because it’s illegal.

My wife told me before the war with America, her family owned a bank and before that, her ancestors were mostly doctors, heads of towns and schools. I thought this was pretty cool but now, everyone in her family are just average people. Oh, there is one person… My wife’s Uncle is the most famous psychology professor in Japan and works for Tokyo University (Tokyo University is the Harvard or Yale of Japan.) He has written numerous best selling books as well. I’ve never met the man…

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