Moving To Japan

Moving To Japan: The Adventure Begins!
So, you’ve just found out that you got the job and you’ll be moving to Japan! Congratulations! But, now you have four months to sit around and wait and get more and more excited. If you’re like me, you’ll go insane waiting and and wondering what you should do to prepare, so here are some ideas:

-It’s never too early to think about what you plan to take with you. Moving across the ocean is a little different than out of state. You’ll only be allowed something like two carry-ons and two check-in bags, so you might think about what you’ll take and what you’ll ship. What I did was I shipped a couple boxes by sea. It takes about thirty days, so I got all that squared away and sent it days before I left. That is, assuming you have your address beforehand.

-Now would be a good time to get a basic Japanese textbook and start familiarizing yourself with the language. I found some great websites for learning Japanese as well. If you already have taken a class or know a little Japanese, now’s a good time to brush up. Keep studying! If you have time on your hands now, you might as well study. It’ll pay off when you get there.

-If you can, you might as well get a temp job and keep working until you leave. Japan is expensive, and moving is expensive, so moving to Japan is DOUBLE EXPENSIVE, and its always good to have plenty of money!

-Think about what you’ll do with your money. I left a bank account in the US to pay bills and stuff like that. It’s difficult to access that money from Japan, but easy to send money there through the Japanese post office. You might want to get one of your parents to open the account with you so there’s somebody in the States that can do bank transactions for you.

-Make sure all your documents and stuff are up-to-date! Check the expiration dates on your passport, drivers’ license and things like that. I know this is obvious, but I’m an idiot, and in my excitement to come to Japan, I didn’t check and my drivers’ license expired while I was over here! What a drag!

-Travel and see people. Go everywhere you can and see everybody you can. Of course you’ll be back to visit, but it gets harder to go around and see everybody who live in different places. I have friends and family all over the States, and now whenever I plan a trip home, I have to pick one place!

-Get a fill of all your favorite food. You won’t be able to eat mom’s home cooking over here! Of course, the food here is amazing and you won’t miss American food for a while, but it’ll happen!

Aside from that, just relax and wait. You have a great adventure ahead of you!

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