Mini Dog Boom in Japan

Here is my dog Ochya. He is a Miniature Dachshunds and a very popular dog to have in Japan.

There is a small dog boom going on in Japan now. I’m sure there’re many reasons for this. Here is my take on the subject… Most living spaces in Japan are very small compared to American standards. Next would be, people are not having lots of babies recently and for the children they do have, a dog serves as a nice companion. Many of my students have no brothers or sisters but they have a dog.

A dog like mine in Japan will cost, 2,000 dollars. However, I got Ochya (name means “green tea,” I didn’t name him) for free. A rich Japanese friend of a friend bought him but couldn’t really take care of him properly-so we took him.

In Japan there’re restaurants where you can sit with your dog and have lunch. Oh, your dog gets its own menu! There’re also businesses that you can take your dog to for a “dog birthday party!” They will make a dog cake too made from the best meat or whatever you want. Japanese people love their dogs and look at them as a family member. They even cook for their dogs and have many dog treat recipes.

Here’s an interesting fact: 90″ of the apartments in Japan do not allow pets.

I guess pets to realtors are associated to noise and dirt.

Tid bit: There was once a Samurai who made everyone bow when a dog walked by. Maybe this is where Japan’s love for dogs started… Who knows?


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