Milk That Cow

milk that cowHappy foreigner milking a cow in Guma Ken Japan. If you ask me, he is enjoying himself a little too much.

This took place on an open farm in Guma Ken geared towards tourists.

The farm had a sheep dog show featuring sheep dogs from New Zealand. What a sight to see! The dogs are really smart and take pride at controlling the herd of sheep.

On this farm you can milk cows, feed baby sheep, have an out door Barbeque, ride a pony, see an art exhibition, (I thought this was a little weird to have on the farm grounds) and eat ice-cream.

Oh almost forgot the cheese! This place of course had a souvenir shop where you can buy fresh milk, leather wallets, bags, jewelry and cheese!

Some of the most tasty cheese I’ve ever tried however, I did not buy because the price was ridiculous.

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