My daughter Celina on her way to Matsuri “Japanese Festival” (a local celebration that happens once a year to bring good luck to the community.)

There is a lot to this festival that I can share with you. I also have tons of pics I took this week that will paint an interesting Matsuri picture for you 🙂

I’ll post a pic with a little back ground as I try to get back into blogging about Japan.

I have not blogged for about a month. Because…

Someone wrote and said I should talk more about the bullshit going on between China and Japan. Well after reading that email I did not really feel like posting to my blog but… I’m going to get back into it 🙂

Note: For the people that do not like my blog, don’t visit it! I will also make it easy for you by blocking your I.P. address so you can’t view my blog and leave comments about what YOU think I should be posting.

The title of my Blog is “I love Japan.” This has nothing to do with Japanese social ills or Japan’s relationship with other countries.

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