A couple of local kids in traditional Yukata.

They’re at the night festival in our local elementary school yard.
All the cotton candy and treats are paid for by the town.

Of course I was the only foreigner there which made me pretty popular among the locals.

It’s too bad my business is in another town or I would’ve got a lot of new business from this event 😉

If you ever come to Japan, make sure you attend a local Japanese Matsuri festival. And nothing is stopping you from going to many! For a week or two, all over, you can find one happening every night.

If you don’t speak Japanese, not to worry because someone always comes up to you and says “where are you from?” in English. It’s a great chance for them to practice English but I must say, it’s always the same questions! Where are you from? Can you use chopsticks? Can you eat raw fish?

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