Lost and Found in Japan

If you ever lose something in Japan chances are you’ll get it back.

I was shocked to find this out when I came here ten years ago. Where I’m from in America you may get your wallet back but the cash will be gone and you’ll be really lucky if your credit cards were not used.

I’ve heard stories of people loosing their wallets here and inside was like 700 dollars ( 70,000 yen ) just to get a phone call from the police that day or the next saying they have the wallet will all its contents.

Yesterday I found a men’s style purse on the street as I was leaving my student’s home. The first thing I thought was “I am going to have to go to the police station and spend 30 minutes of my time which I did not have.

So I went home and called the owner. He was really happy and said he would take a taxi to my home which was an hour from his house. This would be about 100 dollars. Well I’m not such a great guy but I told him it’s ok, I’ll bring it to you and that’s what I did with my wife.

When we got to the guy’s house he begged us to take what seemed like a few hundred dollars but we said no. I would’ve taken the reward but my wife was not having anything to do with that. It was the right thing to do she said.

What a concept 😉

I only teach children in Japan because it’s more fun than working with adults. When  I ask my students what they would do if they found 500 dollars cash, with out blinking an eye, they say, “I’ll give it to the police.” I didn’t say a wallet containing 500 dollars cash.
This is just one of the many reasons I love this place.

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