Kyoto Japan

Kyoto Japan is a great place to see real traditional Japan! Just walking down the streets, you feel like you’re transported back in time. It’s way different than the super-high-tech urban world of Tokyo. Everybody who’s into Japan at all needs to make a trip to Kyoto sooner or later.
On the streets of Kyoto, you’ll see geishas walking around, clomping along the sidewalks in their geta’s. You’ll see lots of people in kimonos. The city is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and its water supply comes from the rivers that flow from them. It’s a beautiful place. Not only that, Kyoto also has an exciting, modern nightlife.

Definitely the coolest part of your Kyoto trip is seeing the temples. That’s what Kyoto is most famous for. Way back when, Kyoto was the capital of Japan. This was in the era when Buddhism was the law of the land. Actually, the name Kyoto literally means, “the capital of capitals.” Well, its not the capital anymore, but most consider it to be the cultural capital of Japan.

The biggest of all the temples is Kiyomizu-dera. It’s built on the slope of a mountain. From up there on the veranda off the main hall, you can see the entire city of Kyoto and the lush, green mountains on all sides. I took picture after picture of this landscape, and I consider myself a not-half-bad photographer, and the pictures could not convey the way it looked to me up there!

Another temple you should check out is Kinkakuji. It’s also called the Golden Pavilion, and the name actually means, “written in gold.” The reason? Because it’s covered in gold leaf. The entire thing! You’ve got to see it to believe it. Right in the middle of the trees and creeks, there it is, a giant golden temple!

Another thing you have to experience in Kyoto is the local food, especially the macha ice cream. This is a special style of ice cream that is tea-flavored, and topped with little pieces of jelly. It’s not as sweet and milky as the ice cream you’re used to, but after you swish it around on your tongue a little, the flavor hits you, and you’ll want to come back again for more! (Macha ice cream is sold in some supermarkets, but it’s not the same. Of course!)

Finally, Kyoto has several places where you can take in an amazing night view. There are a couple of parks out on the hills around the city where you can see the city lights. The places are popular and often crowded, and there’s a good reason for it. Don’t waste any film here!

Kyoto is amazing. I went there a few years ago and I want to go back so bad! It’s a must-see!

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