Japanese Ladies night out

I get a call around 11:30 at night, it’s my wife. She says “Me and some ladies from the community are 2 minutes from home having a drink and eating sushi, you want to come?

So I grabbed my camera and walked a whole two minutes to the Izakaiya (drink and snack joint.)

The two Japanese ladies you see in this pic are house wives. Or stay home moms.

What a concept! However recently, young Japanese ladies are not into the house wife deal and opt for a career instead. As a result, the number of children in Japan has dropped dramatically.

See the sushi in the pic? The yellow stuff is egg. I thought it was funny that everyone was eating the fish and leaving the eggs alone.
I’ve been to other parties and the first thing to go is the sushi. I can always be found around the pizza box 🙂 and that’s if it was ordered.

Side note: A large pizza from Domino’s will run you 35 dollars in Japan!

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