Japanese Rice Wine

Hot Japanese sake is nice to drink on a cold winter day in Japan or anywhere for that matter if you’re into drinking something that tastes like gasoline! Nah, I’m joking… It actually tastes sweet and goes down really smooth.

I don’t really drink Japanese sake (rice wine) or beer. Not because I don’t like it… It’s because Japanese alcohol is very strong and after drinking, the next day I suffer in a big way.
Japanese people love to take us out for a drink. It’s a time for relaxing, bonding and just kicking back.

One thing I noticed about the culture is after you go drinking with Japanese people, the next day you do not say things like “Wow, we were really drunk last night.” I mean it’s ok to say it once but to go on about about it is annoying. There is a time and place for everything and Japanese people rarely mix them up. You will never see a Japanese person drinking like a fish with his boss then trying to use that event the following day as a chance to get an edge at the office. This is a big no, no here.

Here is the proper way to pour Sake and the correct way to hold the cup.

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