Japanese Police bike

You don’t want this guy behind you!
Japanese police bike

I’ve never seen speed traps in Japan in the ten years I’ve been here however recently; on the way to work I now see something similar to a speed trap.

It’s a long road where the natural feeling a driver would have is to do 60 or 70 even though the speed limit is 50.

These bike cops are slick because what they do is drive very close in back of trucks so you can’t see them in your rear view mirror. He is hanging out just enough to gage how fast cars are going ahead of the truck and then he takes off like a rocket to catch the speeder. I drive the same road everyday so I see it all the time.

If caught it is a real bummer because speeding tickets are very expensive here and not to mention you get points deducted from your car insurance. (Parking tickets cost more because there is no space in Japan. My wife got a 300 dollar ticket for parking where there is no “legal” parking.)

I once got stopped while riding a moped that can do 60 miles an hour (yes, mopeds in Japan are very fast compared to mopeds in a place like Hawaii that have a limit of 35 miles an hour) and the police officer was so surprised when I took off my helmet to see a foreigner. He asked me where I was from, what I was doing in Japan and asked for my driver’s license. He then walked away bewildered. Came back and said, “Be careful in Japanese” and I went on my way. No ticket!! Lucky!!

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