Japanese payphones are dead…

payphone is soon to be labeled “vintage/old school.”
What you see here is the type of payphone I used to make calls when I first came to Japan for a two week vacation, 10 years ago.

Sure, Japan has modern payphones with options such as hooking up your lab top to search the web or check emails but with cell phones being so cheap and handy, who wants to use a payphone. You can even watch TV on your cell phone in Japan!

Side note, we have internet phone services starting to take off. Wow, talk to mom over the internet for close to free. Can read about it here.

Want to see something from Japan? Just ask and I’ll take a pic for you and post it!

If you have an interest in Japan, why not come over and teach English for a while?
You really don’t need experience other then a piece of paper saying you finished a four year degree.

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