Japanese Melon to Die for

Japanese melonI first heard about Hokkaido melon from my Japanese mother-in-law. She told me for 30 dollars you can buy one and once you eat a slice, you will know what heaven tastes like!

At the time, I thought people were nuts for paying that much for a melon.
Obviously I never tasted one and was 100″ ignorant.

I’ve had Hokkaido melon two times in eight years and I must say with out
stretching the truth, it was the best tasting fruit I’ve ever tried.

Taste is everything in Japan and Japanese people are masters of cultivating taste, especially when it comes to fruits.

There is a place in Japan called Yamanashi ( in English it means mountain pear ) and this place has the best pears, peaches and big juicy purple grapes. I went there once with my family and had a blast eating the fruits, taking hot spring baths and breathing the overly fresh air. It must be noted that Yamanashi has the best tasting water in Japan as far as I know and this is one of the main reasons why the fruit is so tasty.

Speaking of fruit, years ago I went to a super market with my wife and saw the biggest perfectly shaped apple. This apple was five dollars! I bought one and when I got home I shared it with my wife. She was passive about eating it for obvious reasons but after tasting it, I was bouncing of the walls from the natural sugar high and being blown away by the quality.

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