Japanese Hair Cut

I get my hair cut at the same place every two months. The price is 2,100 yen (20 dollars) with no shampoo, shoulder rub, etc… For the full works, it’s 35 bucks. (no, that’s not me in the photo.)

I go to a place called “Hair Salon Victory” because it’s in a building where I used to own an English school. I became friends with the owner of the Salon and like the way they cut hair so I keep using them. Also, it’s a great way to practice Japanese. During the 30 minutes it takes to cut my hair, I can try to talk about everything under the sun in Japanese.

After you get your hair cut in Japan, the stylist always pulls out a mirror that opens like a book and places it behind your head so you can see the great job they did. After, they ask you if you care for coffee or tea which I never take because of the time factor.

Recently 10 dollar hair cut shops are popping up all over Japan but they do not give you a good cut or service. I’ve tried just to try and will never go back. I remember going and asking the guy to cut the sides short and shave the neck. He smiled to let me know I’m in a 10 dollar Salon! I found that humorous.

My wife pays 100 dollars! Oh, it takes her three hours too. But I support it if that’s what makes her feel good. Hey, I know after getting a fresh hair cut I feel pretty good too.

The man you see in the photos works for the Salon I go to. I had to let you see his hair. He is for sure into it! His name is Osmu, 23 years old, single and likes cars.

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