Japanese Garden

Japanese GardenHere is a pic of my family’s Japanese garden.

This week is “Golden Week” in Japan. Most of the Country has the whole week off from work. I spent a good amount of this time in the garden.

Most people in Japan would love to have a garden and lucky for me, my wife’s grandmother built one 60 years ago and is more than happy to let me take care of it seeing that she is now 89 years old.

There is a special type of person that grooms Japanese gardens in Japan but they are a dying breed. The Japanese gardeners that are around charge big bucks to take care of your garden twice a year. So I do it for my family and enjoy it very much. Thank God my grandmother is not too picky because I’ve messed up some of her trees trying to trim them into mushroom top shapes and she just laughs at me.

She does come out in the yard and tells me about specific requests like “make sure you get all the weeds” or “please move this rock there or here.” At her age, she can tell me anything she wants!

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