Japanese Garden

A trip to Japan is not complete without seeing a Japanese garden.
Japanese garden
You can stroll around and look at the variety of flowers or the arrangements of rock and bamboo. Or you can sit and quietly contemplate. A Japanese garden offers a place to stop and take a quiet break from the world.

The Japanese garden is an art form. It is an old tradition that goes back to Japan’s classical age. The image of a monk meticulously raking the pebbles of a Japanese garden comes to mind. The garden is an important part of any temple complex. It is a space used for quiet contemplation. The placement of all the rocks and flowers, as well as the brushed sand and pebbles, is arranged to lead the mind into contemplation.

The style of Japanese gardens is so well known that there are famous Japanese gardens outside of Japan. In the United States, Australia, Canada and Europe you can visit famous gardens inspired by Japan.

These gardens usually contains water, a bridge to an island, lanterns and a teahouse and pavilion. In small gardens where there is no water, there may be a flower arrangement designed to look like a waterfall, to remind the viewer of water. All of these elements are highly symbolic.

One of the most famous gardens in Japan is the grounds around Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. Meiji Shrine is located near the busy shopping district of Harajuku, but the layout of the garden effectively cuts out the city noise. In fact, walking along the path in Meiji Shrine, one feels that they are deep away in a forest, away from the clamor of the big city.

The Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is probably the most famous outside of Japan. It is over five acres, and the oldest Japanese tea garden outside of Japan at over a hundred years old. It is rumored that when one Japanese ambassador saw it, he gasped and said, ”We have nothing to equal it in Japan.”

If you’re interested in a real Japanese experience, I would definitely recommend spending some time during your trip in a Japanese garden. Japanese people will tell you that Japanese gardens, like the temples, shrines and other historic sites, are places where you can feel the real Japanese spirit.

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