Japanese Flower Garden

Sunday we all went with some friends to “The Municipal Aquatic Botanical Garden in Sawara City Chiba”

This place was really nice but the weather was sticky! Their flyer says they have the largest lotus collection in Japan and the most exquisite Japanese Iris garden in Asia.

1.5million Japanese Irises, 100,000 Blue flag, 50,000 Irises, 300 kinds of Lotuses, 5,000 water Lilies (30 kinds)

The next pic you see is a taste of old Japan in the country side.

For 16 dollars or 1,600 yen you can take a 45 minute boat ride that brings you through the backyards of some very old Japanese houses and gardens. (No, most people do not look like the lady in the photo 😉

I have more pictures I’ll post later.

During the boat ride we stopped where a Japanese lady was sitting, selling mochi, a Japanese sweet made out of rice. Overpriced Tourist trap type of deal but we bought 🙂

One thing I thought was a little “in your face” was right as we got into the boat a Japanese guy comes running over with a very expensive camera and said “smile!” When we returned to the dock “OUR” photos were ready-for a price that is. In Japan this type of sales strategy is not very Japanese. Most of the time Japanese have more class. We didn’t buy.

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