Japanese Dog Cafe

Today my wife said “hey, let’s go to a Japanese Dog cafe.” So being Sunday “family day” We all went. My dog had no idea where we were going but he was just happy to get out for the day.

The place we went to was very interesting. It had all kinds of dog dishes on the menu plus food we could order too. However the food that my family and I ate was not really good. Very surprised about this because it’s hard to find bad food in Japan. (cost for three and a dog, 60 dollars) Past post of a good Japanese restaurant here.

This place had 5 big dogs roaming around the restaurant that belonged to the owner. My mini dox was afraid and stayed under our table the whole time until his meal came.

The pic above is a happy Japanese couple showing off their beautiful Mini dox dogs. We met and I asked if I could blog their photo. So here they are with Kotetsu and Konatsu.

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