Japan Woman

All About The Japan Woman!

One thing you notice quickly when you get to Japan is how beautiful Japan woman are. My friend just came to visit me in Japan, and he went away raving about how beautiful the women were everywhere he looked. He never tells anybody about the food, or the sightseeing, or the temples, or anything else!
japan women
In Japan, many women prefer to stay home and take care of the family. To us westerners, that might seem a little traditional. Still, Japanese women have a much bigger influence over things than it may seem.

On the surface, Japanese women seem subservient and eager to please their husbands and kids, but what most people donft realize is that women traditionally run the family. What this means, is that shefs the one who handles the money, and in many traditional families, she gives her husband an allowance! While he goes out and brings home the bacon, she takes care of a busy house full of kids, cleans, has the food ready for him, and everything. These Japanese housewives do tons of work and probably have more of an influence over their family than he does!

But in public life as well, the role of women has changed a lot in Japan. More and more, women are gaining lifetime employment, holding high positions in companies and running their own. In Japan, more women now vote than men. The change has been slow, but there are more and more female holding elected offices.

Before World War II, the status of women in Japanese society was very low. They were not allowed to participate in politics and were expected to stay home and take care of the family. Women were actually regarded as incompetent, and that was the reason for their not having the same rights as men.
After the war, with the advent of the constitution, women were guaranteed certain rights which were not always put into practice. However, with Japanfs economic rise, the quality of life for women and their status has risen as well. In the eyes of the law, women have equal status with men, but many feel that Japanese society still discriminates against them.

So, women are making major strides in public life, making most of the major decisions in their families, taking care of the kids and making sure they do their homework and get to school on time, and still managing to look good!

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