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Finding The Right Japan Hotel!
For those who are planning a trip to Japan, there are lots of options available for your Japan hotel! You can stay in a large, comfortable western-style hotel (don’t worry, they have beds!), or if you would like a more authentic Japan experience, you may prefer to stay in the traditional ryokan. If you’re on a budget, Japan has hostels in every major city, as well as business hotels that cater to working traveler.

Don’t despair! Most major hotels have competent English-speaking staff, especially in the major cities and popular tourist areas. While it is not always necessary to make a reservation, it would be wise to do so during the peak tourist seasons. This would include most of August, the end of the year, and the beginning of May (Golden Week). Of course, it is always better safe than sorry. It also may be easier to make your reservation by fax or email, as many Japanese are more comfortable with written rather than spoken English.

You will find that the western-style Japanese restaurants are not so different than what you’re used to. You can choose from the same types of rooms as in a hotel in your home country. As much as you’d like that massage or a dip in the pool, remember that the extras may cost you!

The more adventurous traveler may choose to stay in a traditional Japanese ryokan. This is something like a Japanese bed-and-breakfast, which will allow you more of an opportunity to mix with the locals. The ryokan has tatami mat rooms and a communal bath, and provides an evening kimono (yukata) for you to wear. Unlike the big hotels, ryokans are often located off the beaten path, in scenic areas.

For a truly unique experience, try a capsule hotel!
These hotels in the major cities offer, for a very low price, a small fiberglass capsule of about 1 by 2 by 1.25 meters. They are densely packed (some have as many as 700 capsules) and were built starting in the 1970’s to accommodate business travelers. Capsule hotels are cheap and while they are not exactly luxurious, they have become popular recently among adventurous travelers who want a uniquely modern Japanese experience. Capsule hotels are also cheap.

Here’s one tip for finding a cheap room in Japan: Always ask if they have any special deals or plans. They often have seasonal or other special plans to accommodate certain types of travelers. For example, some hotels offer “Spring Plans” or “Ladies Plans.” You can also ask upon arrival if there are any cheaper rooms available that are not booked.

And finally, most hotels in Japan accept major credit cards and some accept traveler’s checks. This is something you can always ask to make sure when you make your initial reservation.

No matter what you would like out of your Japan experience, there is a hotel that is right for you!

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