Japan has the best trash

What you see here is a perfectly good desk on its way to the dump! What a waste…
Oh, it costs money to throw trash like this out.
You need to buy stickers from your local convenient store so the city knows what to take. This desk was five dollars to throw out.

Japanese people throw perfectly good items in the trash all the time. You name it and I’ve seen it in the trash. This is because we have no space.

When I came to Japan I met a guy from America and he made a business out of trash picking. He would go out late at night and pick up all the refrigerators, television sets, beds, ovens, kitchen utensils, clean them up and sell them in the local foreigner newspaper. This guy was pulling in around 5,000 a month! I went out with him one night and could not believe what I saw in the trash.

I picked up many things years ago but my wife made me put the stuff back. I was taking home things that I had no use for but felt it was such a waste, someone had to save it.

If you’re an English teacher in Japan this would be a good way to get book cases, a washing machine that may be a few years old but still works, etc…
Recently it’s not been as good as ten years ago because recycle shops have been booming lately but you can still find good stuff if you’re into it.

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