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The Shortest Japan Guide You’ve Ever Read!

Japanese Castle

Japan is totally amazing, and if you want to come and see it all for yourself, here is a SHORT japan guide with some great ideas of what to see and where to go.

-Shinjuku. Talk about the BIG CITY! This place is ridiculous. Shinjuku is the busiest train station in the world. Just pick an exit and go out and wander to your heart’s delight. If you’re into nightlife, this town goes all night long.

-Akihabara. This place is a nerd’s paradise! But itfs amazing for the non-nerds too. Akihabara is famous all over the world for being the first place where all the newest, coolest, most high-tech stuff hits the streets. Electronics, computer stuff, cell phones, this is the state-of-the-art, and you may be surprised to find that lots of the salespeople speak English, and they know their electronics!

-Ginza. Shop til you drop! In Ginza, it’s just one designer brand shop after another. Itfs the most Manhattan-esque part of Tokyo. Not only that, in Ginza therefs a famous kabuki theater where you can see traditional Japanese theater.

-Shibuya. There’s so much here, I don’t even know where to start. They say that every street in Shibuya is like another town. Here’s a few: the opera house, the electrical museum, the famous statue of the dog Hachiko, the busiest intersection in the world and the hippest shopping places for the hippest kids in Tokyo!

-The Imperial Palace.
The Palace is free! You can walk all over the grounds and check out some real live Japanese gardens. There are tons of cool bridges and spots where you can get a view of downtown Tokyo. But, if you’re thinking of trying to get in and see the Emperor, good luck!

-Asakusa. Right in the middle of the most modern-est modern cities in the whole world, here’s an old temple complex. And the temple is huge. All over the temple grounds is what I consider the best gift-buying spot on the whole planet. Buy those Christmas presents early!

-Ikebukuro. This is a really cool part of Tokyo. Situated here are a couple of universities and art museums. This is a great place to just sit and people-watch. It’s also got all kinds of shopping and entertainment.

-Roppongi. This is the place for nightlife. You almost can’t go home on the last train. Stay til morning! Dance the night away! Roppongi also has the famous Mori Art Museum, and several amazing places to see a sight of the city (its famous “night views”).

Well, that was a quick trip. There’s tons and tons and tons more. We haven’t even left Tokyo yet!

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