It’s Only JapaneseTouchup Paint

Japan has the best customer service in the world and this is one of the reasons I love it here. In Japan businesses have an expression, “The customer is God.”

The following is a prime example of how high the level of service is in Japan.

I needed touch up paint for my car so I went to the local Toyota dealership. I think it’s no big deal to do. Run in, buy a 6 dollar can of touchup paint and be done.

Well I pull into the dealer (Not the one I bought my car from) and go inside.

The following is the conversation I had.

Me: Hi, I need touchup paint for my Toyota.
Staff: Sure. Can you show me the car?

Me: Ok. It’s blue and it’s right out front.

Staff: Oh, is it that pretty blue one?

Me: Yes

Staff: Is it ok if I take your paper work from the glove box okakusama (valued customer)?

Me: Sure.

We go back into the dealership

Staff: I need to make a copy of your paper work. Please have a seat in this waiting room with a nice color TV and a very comfortable chair. How do you like

your coffee?

Me: A little milk please.

Staff: Here is your coffee. We are very sorry. We will have to order this paint for you. Please let us call you when it comes in next week. Is it ok?

Me: OK.

Staff: Oh, thank you so much Okakusama (valued costumer.)

I spent 20 minutes there and they knew, by looking at my paper work I bought my Toyota from another dealer. It did not matter I was only spending 6 dollars on the paint, a customer is a customer.

Now the last time I went home to America, I walked into a coffee shop for coffee and the staff looked at me like, “Not another costumer!” I felt like they were doing me a favor waiting on me.

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