It’s Just A Japanese Cup

Chances are, if you’re invited to a person’s home in Japan, they’re going to serve you tea.

Here is an insider tip about Japanese etiquette that will WOW your Japanese host for sure-every time.

Before you drink or sip the tea, hold the cup with two hands and turn it around looking at the design on the inside and outside. Comment on what you like about the cup. Then drink it. You will floor them with this because not many foreigners in Japan know about this point.

Japanese people always use their best cups to serve tea to their guests as many back home may do. It’s a way of honoring and welcoming you with an open heart to their home.

The cup you see in the pic above has a fish in it. My student’s mom always serves tea when I go to her home to work with her five year old son. ( Yes I only teach kids. My English level is perfect for this, LOL! ) She was so happy when I said “Wow, this fish on the inside is really interesting!”

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