How to Renew Your Spouse Visa in Japan

I just went to the immigration office to get my Spouse Visa renewed and I’m writing this blog post for two reasons:

  • To help you renew your Spouse Visa in Japan
  • To refer to next time I need to do it since it’s so darn hard to find info on what you need.

I always plan on just making two trips. Trip #1 is where I forget something or screw something up or there’s a mysterious document/photo/form nobody told me about. Trip #2 is where you get her done. Hopefully next time I can make it all in one trip.

First of all, there’s a form you have to fill out. This is the standard Spouse Visa renewal form and you can get it from your nearest immigration office. It asks about your basic contact info, your job status, and info about your spouse. There’s also a page called mimoto-hoshousho (身元保証書) which your wife or husband has to sign and stamp.

Then, you need to bring your spouse’s koseki-tohon (戸籍謄本) and your juminhyo (住民票). Both are available from your local ward office (区役所 – kuyakusho).

Probably because I’m self-employed, I needed two bits of paperwork that show I paid my taxes. These are nouzei-shoumeisho (納税証明書) and kazei-shoumeisho (課税証明書), and both are available at your ward office.

You have to buy a 4,000 yen stamp from the post office. Most (maybe all) immigration offices have one nearby that they use.

By the way, in Japanese the word Spouse Visa is haigusha-biza (配偶者ビーザ).

Next time, I’m going for the Permanent Resident Visa. I’ll write a short book about that probably.

I hope this is helpful and it saves you from having to go twice like I did. It’s tough to find this info anywhere so I thought I’d offer it up. If there’s anything I forgot, please add it in the comments!

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