Hip Hop in Japan

Japan Hip Hop is a very big business. We have a sub culture in Japan called B-boys and this is the group that drives the hip hop economy.

In this pic you see a young man around 19 years old. He is a B-boy. He also sells hip hop clothes for a living.

Japanese B-boys buy low riders from America for 20 to 100 thousand dollars a pop! They love hip hop music, clothes, cars, jewelry, and everything that comes with it other than “gang banging” or other dark sides of hip hop. No B-boy in Japan clams to be “hard!”

I’ve been to hip hop clubs in Japan and these guys can dance just as good as any hip hop star back in the States.

This Jacket is very popular in the Japan hip hop world. I like it but for 315.00 dollars, I’ll pass.

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