Japanese mini car

Have no idea what kind of Japanese car this is but I thought it would make a good pic for you to see (who ever you are).


There are many cool cars in Japan.

Recently there has been a mini van craze. Everybody wants a mini van!
I got one but back home it would not be called a mini van.
Mini Rovers are popular here. Here is the UK site if you don’t know what mini Rovers look like. Mini Rover
I remember my friend’s mother coming here and taking pictures of, what seemed like every car she saw. “Wow, I’ve never seen so many models of Toyota!” Was all she could say.

I did not realize Japan has so many models to choose from until I went home for a short time and worked for Toyota. Not sure but America Toyota may have five models to choose from but Japan Toyota has like 40! Japanese people change their cars often and love as many choices as they can have. It’s an extremely picky and spoiled consumer market here. If you own a service driven business, you better be good! Japanese business man say “the customer is GOD!” And this is not by any means lip service. This is hard core customer care at the highest level.

I have a good friend that owns a large company and he says, “I don’t want to sell you. I want to sell your whole family and their children as well.”

However, recently customer service is dropping down a bit. But I’m getting way off track here because this post was suppose to be about cars, a pic and a few lines of text! See what happens when you have ADD and you refuse meds 🙂

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