Getting to work by train

If you end up teaching English in Japan, you’ll be using the Japanese train daily.

Snapped this pic today and it’s still part of the New Year brake so not too many people in this train. However, in Tokyo at rush hours (7-9 am and 7-8 pm) you’ll be packed in like a sardine in a can. You have to see this and I’ll try to get a pic of it for you.

If you just have one teaching English job you’ll probably take the train two times a day. But if you end up working for an English school that out-sources you to other English schools, you’ll be running around like crazy!

At one point in my life I managed a school in Shibuya, Tokyo and had to spend six hours a day on the train standing up! Oh I hope you make better choices.

It’s been said that Japan has the best public train system in the world and I have to agree.
Always on time, clean, fast but at times over flowing with tired humans wishing they just had a place to rest there feet. You can read more about the Japanese train system here.

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