Fukushima Fallout and the Annihilation of Japan

When reading news stories on the internet about Fukushima:

– Look for facts and the sources of those facts, either as sources cited or as links. Check out the sources to make sure they’re legit. If a website cites other pages of itself, those aren’t sources.

– Check out any ‘experts’ quoted by doing a quick Google search on the person’s name. Find out if they’re qualified to speak on the topic. ‘Researcher’ is usually a codename for ‘conspiracy theorist nutjob.’

– Take any unsupported facts that alarm you and do a quick Google search to see if any other articles or websites anywhere mention these facts. If not, they’re probably made up.

– See what the site is selling. For example, NaturalNews runs a story on the radioactivity spewing out of Fukushima and the cover-up by authorities and official news sources… then offers to sell you your own home-use radiometer. Ka-ching!!

– Avoid any article that uses hyperbolic language about armageddon, apocalypse, or death on a mass scale that hasn’t happened yet.

You’re too smart and skeptical to buy the BS the corporate media is trying to sell you. Good job! Now, apply that same skepticism to ‘alternative news’ websites, which could be run by some random dude in his basement.

We don’t need hysteria, panic and paranoia. We need facts. It’s better to admit that you don’t know and take precautions than to make stuff up.

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