Ticket Machines in Japan

When I first saw these food ticket machines I wondered why? It’s a new addition to the fast food industry in Japan but has not really caught on-yet.

( By the way, Japan seems to have vending machines for everything.)

You put your money in, choose what type of dish you want based on a picture,press the button, grab the ticket and the change. Then you need to hand your ticket to the person working at the counter. They then give you a beeper and tell you that you will be paged when your food is done.

I wondered what are the benefits to the fast food restaurant… Well I guess the staff not having to deal with cash cuts labor time down.
What other benefits could there be for staff and costumers could you think of? The following pick is what I had for lunch. It cost me 800 yen ( 8 dollars )

The dish contained rice, raw steak, corn, egg, and some curry tasting past. The pan/dish is very hot and it’s your job to mix it well allowing the steak to be fried along with the other ingredients.

The concept is not Japanese. It comes from a dish in Korea called Bibimba ( If the spelling is wrong, let me know 🙂

The taste was ok but I will not be going back there. For 8 dollars in Japan, you can get a much healthier meal that will taste better. However, if you do not live here, you may want to give a dish like this a try.

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