Here is a pic of a Japanese man playing pachinko.

You see buckets of balls sitting next to him? Those balls came out of the pachinko machine after he “hit” the jack pot.

One bucket of balls won represents five thousand yen or fifty US dollars and you can play with as little as 2,000 yen (20 dollars) and lose it in ten minutes.

The pachinko parlors in Japan are very noise and smoky with no clocks on the walls or windows, other than the entrance doors which are all glass.

If you come to Japan to teach English or just for vacation, you may want to try this for kicks and giggles, but whatever you do, don’t be fooled into thinking you can actually win any money.

The Japanese man in the photo is one out of 15 people wining big but than again, we don’t know how much money or time he spent playing this mindless game. For more info, you can check out

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