Chiba Japan

Sometimes, I lie and tell people I live in Tokyo, but the truth is, I’m across the bay. I live in Chiba city, which is right across the bay from Tokyo. If you look at a map, the little peninsula that hangs off the big island to the east of Tokyo, that’s Chiba.
Japanese roof
It may not be Tokyo, but there’s lots to do here. It’s a great place for sightseeing, and I love when my friends visit me and I get to play host and show them around!


One of the best places to go in Chiba is Narita. Narita is where the new airport is, so it’s convenient for friends who want to do some last minute sightseeing and gift shopping before they head back home.

Narita is famous because it has a temple complex that is one of the biggest I have ever seen. There is a big main temple, and beyond that is a beautiful park to wander around and get lost in. It’s really one of the prettiest places I’ve been since I’ve lived here.

After you wander through the park, there is another giant temple complex on the other side.

Narita is also a great place to buy gifts and things. The temples are only about a 15-minute walk from Narita JR station, and along the way there is shop after shop selling traditional Japanese gifts. There are also tons of great Japanese restaurants on the way.

The Beach

Chiba has some of the greatest beaches in Japan. If you’re a surfer, you definitely want to be in Chiba. In Japan, people often have barbecues on the beach on nice days.

I’ve been to Tateyama, which is down the coast from Chiba city. It’s not too far by train, and there are some cool temples and pretty hiking places there, too. The beaches in Tateyama have some of the clearest water I’ve ever seen.

Another great place, but a little farther, is Kazusa-Ichinomiya. This is all the way over on the east coast of the peninsula, but it’s not too far.

The east coast of Chiba is the place for surfing. The waves are huge over there. When you stand on the beach, you know that you’re looking across the Pacific!

In Kazusa-Ichinomiya there are some great resorts you can stay off. If you go during the off-season (basically, NOT August), you can get a really good deal on a resort. Some places also have onsens (Japanese hot springs) and other amenities.

Disneyland And Sea

And of course, there’s Disneyland and Disney Sea. I was never a big Disney fan back home, but the Japanese equivalent is amazing. I went to both and they have some of the coolest rides I have ever been on. They also have all kinds of events all year round.

Both are great, but if you are into water rides and things like that, I’d go to Disney Sea. Disney Sea also has a bunch of really good restaurants. But, Disneyland is a must-do if you are in Chiba!

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