Big Red Japanese Shrine

This place is five minutes from my house.

When you walk in, to the right is an awesome Japanese garden. I’ll have to take a pic of that for anyone checking out this blog at another time.

I really like this place but don’t when I have to go with my family for some Japanese event. It takes too much time.

I remember one time going when my daughter was born and we all sat in this room while the Shinto priest recited “something” from an ancient scroll for 40 minutes. When I asked my mother in-law what did he say? She said “I have no idea.” The next question that came to mind was, “Why in the world would we site in this room on our knees for 40 minutes, listening to something none of us understood, and pay money?”

Whatever… I still love Japan and don’t waste much time focusing on what I perceive to be negative or don’t fully understand.

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