Not just any straw

Take a good look at the tip of this straw.

Japanese straw

I noticed this new type of straw prevents leaking once you stop drawing because of the inner bevel.

It’s been said, the size of the straw is the same as an average nipple… No I’m not crazy… keep reading 🙂

My wife said McDonalds of Japan did an extensive study about women’s breast. Cazy right?

They wanted to know how much pressure it would take to draw milk from a mother’s breast.

Once they found out the answer, they matched the thickness of their milk shakes so you must use the same amount of pressure to draw the drink as you would from your mother’s breast.

The straw size too was matched to an average nipple size.

The affect/outcome? Who knows but I assume while having a milk shake one may feel comfort and safe while they enjoy their drink. Of course this is all going on with in the subconscious