Bonsai tree

Here are two award winning bonsai trees! There was an outdoor bansai show today and I had to get pics for you to see.

Talked with the owner of the trees, he said both trees are well over 100 years old. I could not believe it.

Most of the Japanese people into growing bonsai are middle aged or older.
The man that owns the trees you see got them from his grandfather. I guess it’s his duty to take good care of the trees and make sure they win prizes.

The name of these trees are Sastuki. This means in Japanese the fifth month of the year.

I bought a bonsai that was 15 years old but it died. I gave it a hair cut and got carried away, cut too much I guess.

See how thick the trunk is? Japanese people that are into bonsai can look at this and tell you about how old the tree is.

I did a fast Google and found many bonsai forums and sites made by none Japanese. Seems like people all over the world are fascinated with these miniature trees.

Also found an interesting ebook on How to grow a bonsai at

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