Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning Tips for Teachers In Japan

I used to work for a big Eikaiwa where I had all my lessons pre-planned for me and all I had to do was crank open a big textbook and I was ready to go.  Now, I’m on my own, making my own lessons for individual students.  When I was first on my own, I was overwhelmed.  It was like having the floor pulled out from under me!  I didn’t know anything about lesson planning.
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Kyushu is the southernmost island of Japan, and it’s hot and muggy all year around. It has an almost tropical climate, which is great for surfers and other beach lovers. Further inland you can find lush green mountains, but the big draw of Kyushu is the beaches.


The region of Kyushu also includes Okinawa, which is about an hour south by plane. Okinawa is a unique place in Japan because it used to be an independent kingdom. Now, Okinawa is a mix of Japanese, American and native Okinawan people. Okinawa has great fishing and beaches, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan.

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Japan’s Energy Drinks

You’ve seen all those little tiny bottles at the convenience stores. The advertisements usually show tired businessmen guzzling them and then heading back to work recharged. I’m talking about Japanese energy drinks. You see them everywhere!

power drink from Japan
Some people have tried them and spend the next few hours zipping around on a caffeine rampage. Others have choked them down only to get a slight sugar buzz and then feel more tired than before. They usually advertise that they have some kind of Chinese herbs that give your body natural energy, but what’s really in those energy drinks?

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Lost On A Japanese Train

I started off my teaching career in Japan by being late for my first TWO days of work. How on earth did I do that, you ask? I am an absolute idiot, for one. But the other reason is the amazingly complex monster that is the Japanese train system!

Now, the trains in Japan are great. I’m sure there is no other country on earth with as efficient and complete a train system as Japan. But for those of us who are from “out of town,” it can be a horrible crazy mess.

When you get to Japan, you will probably have a few days before you start work. Use those days to figure out where on earth you will be going. If you have time, you might want to just go to work once as a test.

If you’re like me, you’ll be so excited to go out and check out Japan, that it will be no problem to take a ride or two. At each station, familiarize yourself with which platform goes where.

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Autumn in Japan

Why Autumn Is My Favorite Season In Japan

Autumn is coming in Japan, and it’s my favorite time of year here!

Now, most Japanese people don’t like winter and love spring. Spring is a special season in Japan because the cherry blossoms open up and it’s a symbol of the earth awakening from winter. But to me, fall in Japan is just gorgeous.

Japan Tree Image

People always tell you about the four seasons of Japan, and it’s true. Japan has four very distinct seasons and everybody has their special favorite. The summers are hot and sticky, the winters are cold and snowy. The spring and fall are both big changes, and you can see it everywhere.

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