Arakawa gets the gold

Japan is now in ice skating mode!

I was going to take my daughter ice skating today however my wife said “don’t even think about it!”

Arakawa took the gold home and as a result, the ice skating rings are jam packed with Japan’s future ice skating stars.

A few weeks ago I took my daughter ice skating in Japan and she loved it!

ice skating

She begged me to stay until the place closed. I agreed because it was nice as a father to see his only child so happy doing something so healthy.

I got into some skates too and not ever ice staking before did well seeing that I can “roller skate my butt off” you know I’m old school!

35 dollars was the cost to skate with my daughter on a cold Sunday here in Japan.

What happened to the 5 dollar roller rinks that serve crappy pizza and blare rapper’s delight from over sized club speakers hanging from the walls? LOL!!!

The next day I was off to TOYS-R-US to buy roller blades for my daughter. I would’ve bought some too but did not have my size 🙁

I thought that if I paid like 50 dollars for a full roller blading set I could take my daughter to the park for free.

Well, I’m off to the park for roller blading with my daughter!

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