Anyone want Japanese pie?

Hello from Japan.

The following is a photo of a very small pie made in Japan.

This was the tastiest piece of pastry I’ve ever eaten! (Had a cup of Starbucks coffee with it)

My Japanese wife tells me that because Japanese people have very small stomachs they can’t really eat that much and as a result taste is the most important aspect of food and drink. Not sure about this but it sounds good.

Japanese people are known for taking something and improving on it until the quality is just off the charts. They do this with everything including food.

Some of the best Italian food, Chinese food and Indian food I’ve ever tasted has been in Japan.
The bread is the best! French bread that is.

I’m American and I think it’s crazy when I see other Americans come here and only want to eat Burger King, pizza or other fast food type food.

You will have so many choices when it comes to food here and we aren’t taking about Japanese food.

And don’t forget the pastry.


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