I’m a freelance writer and I’ve lived in Japan for almost 8 years.  Yes, I did come here asGreg an English teacher, but I ditched it for the writing life.  I like people most of the time but teaching just wasn’t for me.  I’m married and I’ve got two wonderful children who keep me from getting my work done.

In my spare time I write experimental fiction and very short poems.  But my true love in live is rock and roll.  I’m the drummer of Japanese garage punk band Supersnazz and also lead my own country-rock band called the Hey Tonights.  I’ve also written lyrics for Beat Caravan, the Mandes and several other bands.

Why did I come to Japan?  I don’t remember.  But I’m here now and I love it.  My Japan-related interests include Japanese food, Japanese language, sake, haiku, Zen Buddhism and convenience stores.  I like Japan a lot and don’t waste time hanging around with foreigners who have nothing better to do than sit and complain about it.  Get a life, losers!

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