A small look into Japan

Went to a really nice Japanese traditional restaurant and the chef greeted me at the entrance on his knees. As always, customer is king in Japan.

Service is the best in the world here in Japan however if you go to a
traditional Japanese restaurant( The kind that costs 50 to 100 dollars a
person), it’s beyond excellent. Almost spooky.

Talked with this man and he was a super guy and later I found out he’s also a super Japanese chef.

I can’t post every pic of the dishes I ate but I can tell you the taste
and quality was the way it should be-excellent!

Here’s some daikon soup (Japanese Radish soup)
The key points of an excellent Japanese dish is taste, presentation and a high quality plate/bowl.

Here you see Geta (Traditional Japanese shoes.) Very uncomfortable.
The chef used these everytime he went outside.

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