A Hummer in Japan?

Never thought I’d see a Hummer in Japan but I saw one yesterday and a white one in Tokyo about a year ago.
This costs about 80,000 dollars and the gas will run you 100 dollars a week!
The streets in Japan for the most part are very narrow. Navigating this type of vehicle in Japan must be a nightmare. But… people are buying them.
Back home it used to cost me 5 dollars for a vehicle inspection sticker every year. I’m sure the price must be a lot more seeing that this was over ten years ago. In Japan a vehicle inspection will run you 1,500 dollars and if you need repairs, the price will go up to 2,000 to 2,500 dollars!! I drive a new Toyota and the inspection sticker is good for two years. I’m not looking forward to paying the inspection fee and never do. This may be why Japanese people drive new cars. The fee is lower and the sticker is good for two years at a time. The older the car, you may have to get a inspection once a year. It
makes sense to buy a new car every three to four years in Japan.

Many people I know are surprised that I make a lot of money in Japan but what they don’t know is how expensive it is here. If people plan to stay in Japan, it’s best to find a way to earn at least 70 grand a year so one can live comfortably. Sure you can live on 30 grand a year here with a regular English teaching job but I would not try to start a family, buy a new car or house with that kind of money.

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