How to Renew Your Spouse Visa in Japan

I just went to the immigration office to get my Spouse Visa renewed and I’m writing this blog post for two reasons:

  • To help you renew your Spouse Visa in Japan
  • To refer to next time I need to do it since it’s so darn hard to find info on what you need.

I always plan on just making two trips. Trip #1 is where I forget something or screw something up or there’s a mysterious document/photo/form nobody told me about. Trip #2 is where you get her done. Hopefully next time I can make it all in one trip. Continue reading

The Wonders of Japanese Customer Service

Japanese customer service is amazing. The biggest culture shock I get when I go back to the States is when I go into a store or restaurant and the staff there don’t even know that I exist. Or even worse, when they act like I’m destroying their lives by forcing them to do the unthinkable – their jobs!

It starts at the airport (especially if it’s San Francisco International), ends at the airport going home and is usually pretty consistent throughout the trip. I have to say, though, that people are a bit nicer in the South where I come from. Continue reading