The Trains In Japan Are Absolutely Amazing

People in the US always ask me if I have a car and driver’s license in Japan.  How do I explain to them that you don’t need it?  And that it would only be an extra expense?  (The parking space at your apartment might cost as much as your rent!)

It’s strange to say this, but I realized on a trip back home recently that the trains were one of the things I missed about Japan.  I’m not a train nerd or anything like that; I guess I’ve just gotten attached to riding them.  There are several reasons why I think the trains in Japan are awesome. Continue reading

I Am Addicted To Japanese Convenience Store Sandwiches

When I first came to Japan, I was dazzled by the array of foods offered at convenience stores.  I think everybody from the US is blown away by Japanese convenience stores because they’re so impressive, and also because ours back home stink.  They usually have just a crusty 3-day-old taquito rotating in the oven looking like it died and forgot to lie down.

Japanese convenience stores offer all kinds of different food.  The only trouble is that when you first go to Japan, you have no idea what any of it is. Continue reading