Lost On A Japanese Train

I started off my teaching career in Japan by being late for my first TWO days of work. How on earth did I do that, you ask? I am an absolute idiot, for one. But the other reason is the amazingly complex monster that is the Japanese train system!

Now, the trains in Japan are great. I’m sure there is no other country on earth with as efficient and complete a train system as Japan. But for those of us who are from “out of town,” it can be a horrible crazy mess.

When you get to Japan, you will probably have a few days before you start work. Use those days to figure out where on earth you will be going. If you have time, you might want to just go to work once as a test.

If you’re like me, you’ll be so excited to go out and check out Japan, that it will be no problem to take a ride or two. At each station, familiarize yourself with which platform goes where.

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