Autumn in Japan

Why Autumn Is My Favorite Season In Japan

Autumn is coming in Japan, and it’s my favorite time of year here!

Now, most Japanese people don’t like winter and love spring. Spring is a special season in Japan because the cherry blossoms open up and it’s a symbol of the earth awakening from winter. But to me, fall in Japan is just gorgeous.

Japan Tree Image

People always tell you about the four seasons of Japan, and it’s true. Japan has four very distinct seasons and everybody has their special favorite. The summers are hot and sticky, the winters are cold and snowy. The spring and fall are both big changes, and you can see it everywhere.

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Japanese Phrases

…For Sightseeing

Japan is a wonderful place for your next trip. It’s pricey, but well worth the money, and the people are so friendly and the food so good, you’ll be planning your next Japan trip the minute the plane touches down back home!

Bad Japanases word

Only one problem: It’s hard to get around without a guide or interpreter. Most people you meet, especially in more remote areas, don’t speak English. So, here are some phrases for tourists that will help you get around:
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